Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why I Hate Southwest Airlines

Sorry this vlog is so long but I wanted to tell the world what happened to me on a Southwest flight and how it impacted my life and not for the better.

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  1. So sorry that you experienced the rudeness of the crew. That's inexcusable. The check in desk should have flagged you and asked you to buy a second ticket to avoid that. Obviously the check in person didn't know the policy.
    I don't know why they said you were a "danger" to other passengers. However, I do know that their policy is that larger people must buy two seats for the comfort of others. - Sadly, I can tell you that as a "little guy" I was squished between 2 very, very large businessmen from Baltimore to San Francisco (a 5 hour flight) and I had to sit SIDEWAYS, which hurt my back. I couldn't drink anything because they refused to budge, and couldn't move. It was the worst flight I've ever experienced. Of course it was sold out, and I was stuck.
    - So, while I think that the SW people on your flight were rude and nasty, I honestly can appreciate their policy of larger people purchasing two seats.
    Why? Because as a little guy, I paid the same price for the ticket, while the 2 guys beside me were comfortable and even SLEPT, while I was in physical discomfort for 5 hours and miserable.That was not on Southwest, btw, I believe it was United Airlines.